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Pennsylvania needs a fighter. That’s Jeff.

Born and raised in Berks County, Jeff Bartos has been a Pennsylvania resident his entire life. Jeff learned from his dad the value of being a part of your community and that when your neighbors need help, you absolutely help.

That’s why when the world turned upside down in March of 2020, Jeff didn’t hesitate to help his neighbors. As the pandemic raged and Governor Wolf’s shutdown devastated Pennsylvania’s small businesses, Jeff co-founded the Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, a non-profit giving forgivable loans to Pennsylvania small businesses throughout the Commonwealth.

Through his work with the Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, Jeff helped raise and distribute over $3 million, saving over a thousand businesses and thousands of jobs in the process. Jeff isn’t just another career politician who spent his life in Washington – he’s a businessman, a job creator, and a problem solver. Jeff will be a voice for all Pennsylvanians. During the Trump Administration, millions of Pennsylvanians who had, for generations, felt abandoned and forgotten finally had someone fighting for them in Washington.

Jeff will fight to ensure that we don’t return to a time when working families and small businesses, the lifeblood of our communities, felt as if their priorities and well-being were ignored by their elected officials. Pennsylvanians deserve to have someone fighting for them – and that’s why Jeff is running for Senate. if you want to join his fight, add your name to join our mailing list or chip in any amount to support our campaign.