Jeff Bartos’ State of the Race & ‘Pennsylvania First’ Plan

Jeff Bartos’ State of the Race & ‘Pennsylvania First’ Plan


In the GOP Primary for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Seat, Jeff Bartos stands alone as the only candidate with meaningful ties to the state and a proven conservative record of bringing jobs to the state.

Bartos’ proven conservative credentials and long history in the state make him stand out in a crowd of carpetbaggers with no history of standing up for the conservative positions they now claim to espouse.

Further, Bartos is the only candidate with a real-world understanding of Pennsylvania’s communities to offer a cohesive plan for the state. While other candidates move here, treating our seat like an At-Large district, Jeff knows Pennsylvania is unique and is prepared to lead.

Strong Ties To Pennsylvania

Jeff is the only candidate in this race who can say all of the following:

    • Born and raised in Pennsylvania
    • Started his family in Pennsylvania
    • Started his business and employed people in Pennsylvania
    • Has paid taxes in Pennsylvania
    • Has not shipped jobs from Pennsylvania to a different country
    • Is not currently registered to vote in a different state
    • Lived in Pennsylvania full time as of December 2021
PA 30 Day Fund

At the beginning of the pandemic, when politicians locked down our businesses, kicked our kids out of the classroom, and closed our churches and synagogues, Jeff founded the PA 30 Day Fund.

With the 30 Day Fund, Jeff raised and distributed:

  • Over $3.1 Million
    • Across all 67 counties
    • Across 22 industries
    • Saving over 1,000 small businesses.
  • Through his work, Jeff saw the destructive power of a government that did not care about the consequences of its actions
  • What’s worse, he saw time and time again how the government sided with the big guys over the little guys – letting Walmart stay open while mom-and-pop shops were forced to close.
  • Jeff’s work gives him a unique perspective, one that could only be afforded to someone who is part of the diverse communities across PA.
Bartos Campaign by the numbers
  • Number of Miles Driven Across PA: 23,460
  • Number of Events: 563
  • Number of Grassroots Endorsements: 134
  • Number of County Captains: 67

Jeff is the only Pennsylvanian left in this race, and his grassroots organization shows it. While candidates are still moving to the state in order to run, Jeff has visited every county in Pennsylvania, nearly all of them more than once.

The Clear Choice:
  • The contrast of candidates is remarkably clear: In Jeff, they have a lifelong Pennsylvanian who has lived, worked, and raised his family here.
  • His opponents, on the other hand, have not lived here in decades, and have done more for Turkey’s military and China’s economy than they have for the people of Pennsylvania.
  • One candidate in this race is a TV celebrity who lives in New Jersey and works in Manhattan. He has stronger ties to Turkey than to Pennsylvania, having served in the Turkish military.
  • Another candidate in the race is a Connecticut-based hedge-funder. His ties to the state are two decades old and include shipping hundreds of jobs out of Pennsylvania to India.
  • Jeff Bartos has a decades-long record of creating jobs in the state and serving the people of Pennsylvania.
    • Jeff was born and raised here, started his business here, and has created jobs here.
    • Jeff has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania.
    • Jeff has been a local Republican committeeman for nearly two decades in the same precinct where he has lived and voted since the early 2000s.
A Clear Plan For Pennsylvania

Jeff Bartos has a plan to put Pennsylvania First and:

  • Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration
  • Beat China
  • Fight for Safety & Security For Communities
  • Ensure Pennsylvanians Have Secure Elections
  • Support Economic Prosperity For Pennsylvanians
  • We need to finish securing the border with technology and physical barriers.
    • America’s immigration system needs to be rooted in the rule of law – and that means knowing who is entering our country.
    • By using a physical barrier, technology such as drones, and natural environmental features like mountains and rivers we can and we must secure our southern border.
    • A porous southern border creates myriad security concerns:
      • Coyotes take advantage of a weak border and engage in dangerous human trafficking.
      • Drugs continue to flow through our border and into our communities, poisoning Americans.
      • Terrorists use our weak Southern Border to sneak operatives into our country.
  • Jeff will ensure sanctuary cities in Pennsylvania do not see a single tax dollar from the federal government.
    • Sanctuary cities are proven to be deadly for law-abiding Americans and hotbeds for crime.
      • At a time when crime is soaring in Philadelphia and other major cities, it is unconscionable that national Democrats continue to push for radical sanctuary cities.
    • Any city that turns its back on the rule of law, subverts Immigrations and Customs, or refuses to cooperate with federal officials will not receive any federal funding.
  • Jeff will fix our broken immigration process so we finally have a system that works for our economy.
    • In addition to necessary crackdowns on illegal immigration, the legal immigration system is due for needed reforms.
    • Jeff Bartos will support existing legislation that will allow states to have jurisdiction over guest-worker programs for their individual economies, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach from the federal government.
      • This approach would allow states to run their economic industries as they see fit, and ensure that states receive the necessary visas for both highly skilled workers and manual laborers.
Beat China
  • Jeff will hold China accountable and protect American jobs.
    • China is eating our lunch, stealing American jobs, and positioning itself as a global leader.
    • Jeff Bartos will hold China accountable, protect American jobs, and prevent China from dominating the world economy.
    • In the Senate, Jeff will join legislation that will allow Americans to sue the Chinese Communist Party for its role in creating and covering up the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Jeff will prosecute any foreign actor found to have stolen IP from the US.
    • China steals intellectual property from US Companies every single day.
    • Jeff Bartos will push for stronger cybersecurity and prosecution for anyone found to have stolen IP from the US, including the Chinese Communist Party.
  • We will not support boons to the Chinese economy like the Olympics while they commit gross human rights violations.
    • First and foremost, this means boycotting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.
    • The Chinese Communist Party are gross abusers of human rights
      • They have proven time and time again that they will stop at nothing to suppress the voices of dissenters
      • They have imprisoned and massacred Uighur Muslims on account of their faith
        • These are the actions of thugs and dictators, not a government.
    • Jeff will work to ensure the US will not participate in activities that benefit the Chinese economy like the Olympics.
Fight for Safety and Security for Communities
  • Jeff will oppose any radical attempts to ‘Defund the Police.’
    • Radical Democrats’ attempts to Defund the Police are dangerous for our communities.
    • Crime is soaring in our communities and national Democrats are actively turning their backs on our women and men in uniform
    • Jeff believes our police departments and law enforcement officers need to be fully funded and have all of the tools necessary at their disposal to help keep our communities safe.
  • Jeff will always stand up and defend the Second Amendment.
    • On his 21st birthday, Jeff’s father gave him a Glock 21- and he has been a proud gun owner ever since.
    • In the U.S. Senate, Bartos will be sure to fight against radical Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who want to take away guns from hardworking, law-abiding Pennsylvanians.
    • The need for Pennsylvanians to be able to defend themselves and their homes is more imperative than ever as crime soars.
  • Jeff will work to put an end to the drug epidemic devastating our communities.
    • The Opioid Epidemic has devastated communities in Pennsylvania and nationwide, while federal and state lawmakers have turned a blind eye.
    • During the Trump administration, the Senate made significant progress by passing historic legislation giving states increased funding to combat the deadly epidemic.
      • Jeff will always fight for more funding for states to create innovative treatment and recovery programs.
    • Pennsylvania will never be safe when Fentanyl continues to flow from China through our southern border.
      • Just since January 20, 2021, enough Fentanyl has been smuggled or shipped across our Southern Border to kill every American four times over.
Ensure Pennsylvanians Have Secure Elections
  • Every Pennsylvanian should know their vote counts, and the system is fair.
    • When unelected bureaucrats can make material changes to the election, it leaves folks who aren’t insiders, everyday Pennsylvanians, feeling as if the deck is stacked against them.
      • The Democrat-appointed Secretary of State in Pennsylvania decided, in effect, to change Election Day without any input from the legislature.
      • GOP observers were kicked out of the room in Philadelphia where the recount effort was taking place.
    • That is wrong, and we need to restore Pennsylvanians’ faith in the impartiality, fairness, and security of our elections.
  • It should be easy for everyone to vote, and impossible to cheat.
    • To that end, every single person voting in an election should have to present a photo ID to confirm their identity.
    • If you need an ID to drive, to buy a beer, and now, to eat at a restaurant in some cities, you should be required to show an ID to participate in our elections.
Support Economic Prosperity For Pennsylvanians
  • Jeff will cut Washington’s spending and eliminate bureaucratic waste.
    • Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending and mismanagement problem.
      • Jeff believes that first and foremost, Washington needs to cut spending, eliminate bureaucratic waste and pass those savings on to working families with tax breaks.
    • Cutting burdensome regulations will cut costs
      • The fewer senseless regulations we have, the fewer bureaucrats we will need to administer them.
  • Create an environment where businesses choose to do business in Pennsylvania and America.
    • Instead of creating an environment for American businesses to thrive, national Democrats seem hell-bent on driving businesses to other countries.
      • The biggest winner for these inhospitable policies? China.
    • Jeff will fight to lower the corporate tax rate, encouraging businesses and their good-paying jobs to stay here at home.
      • If we want world-class jobs in Pennsylvania, we need to attract world-class companies.
  • Protect Pennsylvania’s key industries: Energy & Agriculture
    • Jeff will always protect our farmers and stand up for Pennsylvania’s most important industries: energy and agriculture.
    • Democrats have actively pursued an increase in the inheritance tax, a move that would devastate legacy family farms.
      • This move would force families to make impossible decisions, like liquidating generations of hard work in order to pay a tax bill.
      • Farmers already face excessive regulations that drive up the cost of their operation and shrink their already low margins.
    • Democrats are also waging a war on the energy industry and American energy independence
      • Pennsylvania’s natural resources are America’s gateway to sustained energy independence.
        • The future of Pennsylvania’s economy is dependent on harnessing our God-given bounty of natural gas to power our commonwealth.
        • We need to see the ethane cracker plant in Beaver County not solely as a generational investment in Western Pennsylvania, but as a down-payment on the future of Pennsylvania industry
        • We need to embrace the bounty of natural resources we were granted, invest in pipeline infrastructure, and establish ourselves as a national leader in the energy industry.
      • Democrats’ war on energy leads to stifled innovation and higher prices at the pump.
  • Eliminate vaccine mandates and other costly mandates on small businesses.
    • Democrat lawmakers in Washington are determined to destroy small businesses.
      • That fact first made itself clear when giant corporations like Walmart were allowed to stay open while mom-and-pop shops were forced shut.
      • It is clear once again as politicians impose mask and vaccine mandates on businesses, threatening them with fines for non-compliance.
    • Jeff will fight back against any and all attempts at instituting a federal vaccine mandate.
      • These mandates are a backbreaker for small businesses, driving up operating costs, and forcing even more businesses to close.
    • If the Coronavirus pandemic taught us one thing, it is that small businesses cannot afford more burdensome regulation from lawmakers who have no idea what running a business entails.