About Jeff Bartos

In the 2018 campaign cycle, Jeff Bartos was the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, winning a 4-way primary and receiving almost 50% of the vote. At a time when the opioid crisis was devastating Pennsylvania families and family-sustaining jobs remained in short supply, Jeff ran a campaign focused on restoring hope and opportunity for all Pennsylvanians.

Throughout his campaign, Jeff promoted economic policies that make the staples of middle-class life – homeownership, healthcare, and education – more affordable. Jeff’s sincerity and thoughtfulness and his message of hope and opportunity for all make him something of a breath of fresh air, especially in a particularly charged political time. Since 2018, Jeff has returned to running his businesses and creating family-sustaining jobs in Pennsylvania. More recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeff founded the Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, a nonprofit providing forgivable loans to small businesses affected by COVID-19 and the related business shutdowns that have devastated Main Street small businesses.

Under Jeff’s leadership, the 30 Day Fund has raised and distributed over $3 million since May 2020, helping save over 1,000 small businesses across all 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties. Through the 30 Day Fund, Jeff also helped with the launch of the Barstool Fund, which has raised over $22 million and is helping save small businesses throughout the nation.

Jeff is a proven business and community leader. Born and raised in Berks County, Jeff has been a Pennsylvania resident his entire life. Jeff owns a contracting company and several real estate acquisition and development companies active in the Greater Philadelphia market, and has previously served as a senior executive at Toll Brothers, Inc. and Mark Group, Inc. Jeff and his wife, Sheryl, have two daughters, Emily and Sarah. Jeff and his family share a deep love of Pennsylvania. Over the past four years, Jeff has visited every corner of the commonwealth, has helped save thousands of family-sustaining jobs, and remains deeply committed to serving the people of Pennsylvania.